Changeing Your Professional Name? Not The Best Idea

Once in a blue moon I get an e-mail about my thoughts on actors changing their name in the entertainment industry. Does it happen? Not as much as it once did at one time..most of the names of the more "established" artists have but not these days. Some people appear to think by changing their name they will be more marketable...first get the jobs and then start thinking about it if you are serious. Just don't go with the "Madonna" type of one name identity, some people get away with it...but most "made up names" are cheesey. I want to point out one thing for those that are considering, watch a recent film's credits and I will bet on most of the names of the actors listed are their real names. Most people change their names because they are too "ethnic" sounding..this might surprise most of you..that's in and more marketable than ever. Keep in mind if you do change your name and you stick with it for years and realize it doesn't w…

How do you see the state of the film business here in Massachusetts?

Ever since 2008 to today 2019...we have continued to see growth in the film industry here in Massachusetts.  The good news is that the threat that comes from time to time about the tax incentive being lifted always looms, however with the continued pressure from our local actors and people behind the scenes...that delays the process.  In your words being a professional in the film industry herein Massachusetts, how do you see the future here in Massachusetts / New England?

Studio might be down..but not out. we got the bad news this week that the studios in Plymouth lost it's funding. Ok that is bad but I have a feeling that it might turn around quicker than one is to think, but we will have to wait and see. Once the news got out... some people were acting as all of hope is lost...are you serious?!? have you not seen what has happened to the state in regards to the film business in the past 4 years?!!? We are not doing all that bad, the studios weren't here when the huge and current flow of films continue to overflow our NE area/market. If anyone out there remembers the distant past we would be lucky if we had a film here for over a week...for the YEAR! At that time the constant project that was going on was in the late 80's which was "Spencer For Hire". Now the studios I believe will happen, because I strongly believe that they have great focus on the future of this project and MA is very Hollywood friendly as of late. There is not only one investor o…


For those that might remember, in the late 80's early 90's there was something called the Actor's Trade Show. It was held annually every spring at the tremont house across the Wang Center in Boston. At the trade show you had everything from casting agents, photographers, acting coaches, sag, you name it. So for 2 to 3 hours you would be submitting headshots to casting directors, networking with fellow actors and industry professionals and so much more! But all of the suddenly it stopped... I thought it was a genius idea because you can do everything in just one whim. So maybe with the resurgence of Hollywood in Boston, maybe the higher ups might consider doing it again. Just a suggestion :)

People taking pictures on set..

This is starting to become a big problem on set as of late. As we all know when we start a job we are specifically told no cameras, among other things. This happens prior to booking and we are reminded prior to the working day. We all know that because it is just given that we know what the rules are. Now the conterversey is people are snapping shots of actors while on set while we are working. That is a huge no-no, but even more so those people are taking those shots and putting them on facebook, myspace, and twitter, that's just not smart. This is because the people that hire you and tell you the specific rules on set are also "your friends" on these social networks and now you are caught "red-handed". So be know clearly when you are on set you are working and they (the film) are expecting you to act professional. Remember you represent yourself and more so the acting community of NE.

Don't take specific acting classes for a possible job..Do it for the training..

This has been going on for a very very very long time over 20 years that I know of personally and that is actors taking acting classes at specific locations to get a job from them. That is a myth to say the least, I am not saying not to take those classes but do not spend your money going there thinking that you will get a acting job from them guarenteed. Why I find this funny is that people get "pissed" because they spent $300 + to take acting classes from a particular casting director's agency and they did not get a JOB from them. Are you kidding me?!?! Take those classes if you like, they are very good but don't think they going to offer you a role on a silver plate. They might notice you and offer you an audition or two but the rest is up to you. Some people complain about the stupidest things..the bottom line is you are taking classes to extend and expand your craft,the rest is up to you. Think of it this way you own a business, you train yourself to get the…

I don't think I have to explain this..

I just heard this morning of a person being thrown off set for suggesting something to the director of all people. Guys and gals we know what the rules are and we all obey them, but sometimes a first timer might get overly excited and do the unthinkable. To the person that was thrown off, let it be a lesson..I know these people(directors, actors,etc) are human but on sets these people are untouchable.